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 By Formosa Lan


Halloween means horror movie season, and Annabelle has a few good scares just in time for that mood. “Annabelle” is a horror film that is the prequel to “The Conjuring.” It is a tale about a possessed doll that terrorizes a housewife because this demonic entity wants her newborn baby’s soul.

To people who wonder if Annabelle is worth the watch: I would say Annabelle is overall crazy and entertaining, especially for those looking for a scare. The movie certainly has everything you would want in a scary movie: a creepy-faced doll, satanic cults, freaky demons, and horrifying deaths- many moments of suspense and fear for the viewers. It is also quite a cliché and old-school style of horror film with loud noise, heavy music cues and things popping out at the right moment. In general, I get scared very easily watching horror films in the cinema, but I think this movie is a good watch because the original story itself and the plot are not only reasonable but also the scenes keep the audience engaged, excited, and thrilled.


After I finished watching the movie Annabelle at Edwards Theater in Irvine Spectrum. Honestly, I enjoyed it much more than I was expecting. From the trailers I didn’t think this movie looked scary in the slightest, but while watching the movie, I found myself bringing my arms closer to my body in agonizing suspense. The doll’s face was so disturbing looking that every time when the screen shots appeared extremely close up and zoom-ins, I could never continue to keep my eyes open and look at the screen until it got cut off..

The thing I found exciting to watch Annabelle was how many scares there were in addition to its original story. A lot of times, I found myself bracing for the scare at the end of a drawn out scene or long panning shot, but the scare never arrived, which can be just as effective. The appropriate jump scares are used throughout the film, and I was effected by all of them. There are scenes when I found myself needing to close my eyes or intend to look away while everyone else was screaming out loud and reaching out to hold their significant others’ forearm.

Although Annabelle may not be quite as good as The Conjuring, it gets the job done as expected for a horror film released this time of year. Also, extra points for never showing the doll moving on its own. I kept asking myself why would anyone want such an ugly doll to begin with… Every time when the camera turned to the doll, I would expect the doll moving. Its look was so disturbing that it was really horrifying me, and making my eyes look away.  As I stated, this movie makes you think that scares are about to happen, but rarely is there actually a scare. And when the scares and shocks actually ought to occur, they happen to be unexpected, especially when the director’s over-reliance on such loud musical cues to scare the audience when the visuals should be enough to do the job. The back sound managed to keep me on the edge of my seat, and got me not wanting to look at the screen in case something would make me jump in shock. Nonetheless, I must admit I had a great time watching this movie. It was fun and the jump scares did catch me off guard so many times.

Overall I did find this movie to be extremely suspenseful and creepy. For anyone who is thinking of seeing Annabelle I would highly recommend it. In my own opinion, I would agree that Annabelle is an effective thriller with a few genuinely scary moments and some strong performances that should do some big business during the Halloween season. The cinematography was great and the sound editing definitely gives the viewers that jittery, panicky feeling.

Starting off the Halloween season, Annabelle is surely worth watching it at the movie theater if you like scary.


By Formosa Lan


A shot from Watson Bridge; the bridge connecting the UC Irvine campus and the University Town Center.

These beautiful glowing lights were installed at University Town Center over the summer. Now, it’s hard to miss this view at night when crossing the bridge from campus to University Town Center. It makes the walk into UTC so much more enjoyable and romantic.


I initially did not know about the new floor lights here. It was until one of my friends who brought up to me, and we walked over from campus. It looks just like a dance floor here.


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Trigga is the upcoming sixth studio album by American R&B recording artist Trey Songz, scheduled to be released on July 1, 2014 by Songbook and Atlantic Records. The album was supported by the singles “Na Na” and “SmartPhones” along with the promotional single “Ordinary” featuring Jeezy.

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