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Was doing all the work paddling in the front! Haha!! 😛😎😎#latepost #canoeing #10miles #letsdoagain #

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Chris Brown ft. Usher & Rick Ross- New Flame

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Touchin, Lovin (Feat. Nicki Minaj) - Trey Songz


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Have patience with all things- but first with yourself. Never confuse your mistakes with your value as a human being. You are perfectly valuable, creative, worthwhile person simply because you exist. And no amount of triumphs or tribulations can ever change that.
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I know that i’m hella broke right now. Like I seriously don’t have money to spend. My mom took away my credit card so that I won’t use it. So i only have very little cash on me every week.When I go out now, I try to bring some cash just in case, but bring hella thin cash like $15-20 only in case If I will have to pay for my own food. Who doesn’t bring money to go out with friends… I have been going out so much. Now I really don’t have enough money to go out and do stuff so when my girl friends want to hang out, we would always split everything when we roll together. I’m hella trying to save now.

There are some guys around me are super generous these days when I hang out with them. They would be so willing to pay for food or drive me even though it’s not like we are on a date. And it’s so sweet when the guys always insist on paying for everything…. I still ALWAYS offer to pay for my own food wherever I go out to eat something. And this guy handed my money back to me twice when I was really trying to contribute some. It was so sweet. And there was this guy too. it was so sweet that he was really buying me drinks and would tell me that he will get me whatever I want to drink when we were at the club. I wasn’t going to have him to get me any.

I know that the guy likes me and all that. They all have a stable job i know. But they don’t know that I don’t (LOL school’s out so I have zero income.). You would think that I probably have a summer job and I can buy my own drinks at the club. But no, when i’m at the club though, my friends would always be buying me drinks even though I never really ask for it. I certainly WILL NOT buy myself NO DRINKS at the clubs. They are expensive. When I go clubbing, I usually expect drinks from random guys. (HAHA off topic but.) What i’m saying is, WE KNOW we aren’t going on a date, it’s just eating out and hanging out with friends and maybe his one or two of his friends together. And he would always act so sweet and pay everything I spend. When eating out to hang out, I hella don’t expect no one to pay for me and I don’t bring no money with me. That would be hella bad. When the bill comes, I don’t just sit there and do nothing.. ladies, if you think that this is an enjoyable meal, you HAVE TO offer and take out your money contribute some even though you KNOW that the guy is attracted to you and he will for sure pay for you. 

It always bothers me sometimes when girls think that it’s okay for guys to pay for everything. I don’t believe that guys should pay for everything. I have some girl friends always let the guy pay.. and it bothers me sometimes to hear that they would never try to contribute some. If you really enjoy the meal and have a good time, you HAVE TO show that you want to contribute some. This ain’t old fashioned 

However going on a real date, whoever invites the person on the first date should keep in mind that they are inviting along company and should have the intention and ready to pay for the bill. That’s for sure. But I tend to like to split half unless I really don’t enjoy our time together.

I just don’t think that it’s cool to expect someone to pay and assume that the one person should just pay the whole thing. I honestly used to think that guys should pay literally everything for the ladies, but now i don’t think the same way. It is seriously a gender equality thing now and being fair if you do have a mutual feeling with the person, especially someone you care about. If I let the guy pay for my meal, and he is so damn sweet, I am going to be the one driving the guy or pay for the next meal. If the guy is the one driving me and taking me out to places, then I will be the one to insist on paying for food. I just think this ain’t old fashioned and I want to be equal with guys on all levels sometimes. Especially I want the guys that I like to realize that I can pay, too. I can pay too because I care about him and I want to help and show some appreciation.

If the guy pay for the first date, then the second time, the other person should pay. This should be fairly equal in my viewing. I mean, I will always want to make sure I put my money out there just to have the thought to offer to pay for at least my own. By paying half of the cost, no one will feel obligated. If the guy insist, then okay. I feel really appreciated when guys pay for everything even though I already put my money out there. 

Like he pays for it literally everything and every time we hang out. I too offer literally every time. And It is only okay for me to not pay when guys just hand my money back to me twice and tell me that he will pay for it. 

sac-town with the squad :)
It was a funny ass day at the river….

forgot everything after…4ish.

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K Camp- Cut Her Off (feat. 2 Chainz) [Remix]

Nevaaaaa a sober moment with yal that’s why we’re BFF😭😂😂😂😂 #turnup #attheriver #sacBound #mylegshellascratches #hurrrrt . 😚😘😙😜😍

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Kirko Bangz Ft. August Alsina,


Kirko Bangz Ft. August Alsina - Rich



Stretches that improve different aspects of your body.

As much as I normally don’t support random health posts, this one actually has some pretty legit stuff on it. I can personally say these stretches helped UC Davis’ division 1 athletes when I was an athletic trainer.


The hike in Point Reyes was amazing. I’ve been eyeing this place [Alamere Falls] on yelp for a while. I finally had the chance to check out the waterfall by the beach which flows directly into the ocean . The place is so damn peaceful as I sit down at the beach trying to let it all sink in.. ya know.  It’s not everyday I get to see this beautiful waterfall tumbling over a cliff, it’s waters racing towards the ocean. Pictures for days. All in all, you gotta walk and work for this to get to the beautiful final destination.. I want to go again. I was in shocked how i never came here before when it’s so close to where I live. 

The hike to the waterfalls is roughly 4.2 miles one way. It took us about 1.5- almost 2 hours? We didn’t really time ourselves and we were taking our time. We started walking from the information map around 3:30. And we didn’t get back to where we started until almost 8 PM. So that total walking on the trail road was about almost 9 miles/4 hours, roundtrip!! The walk felt so damn nice. A little windy, but the breeze was super relaxing and made the trip so peaceful. super chill. it’s not too strenuous. Not that steep of an incline, and the trail is fairly wide. Just a lot of walking with great views and wild animals. It felt so far and long at first to get to the waterfall, but it’s actually a quite adventure that takes half of the day. Like I saw animals and bugs that I wouldn’t normally see anywhere else… yeah.

The highlight of the hike was when my friend and I were high. We decided to be stoned going on a hike for the first time. So we rolled up a fat blunt at a nice spot before we started hiking.

The first 30 minutes of walking, everything was so bright/white and dull on the coastal trail. I knew that being in the nature, and the mountain was supposed to be very pretty. It obviously was sunny… but the views looked really plain and ugly at the time after we did some. Honestly, that cracked me up though. I was laughing so much about how the scene looked so different, and it changed my perception of the things around us. I felt really funny because that was kind of weird.. When the sun was supposed to look orangish, but it was white and bright. It cracked me up when everything was so un-colorful. An hour later, there was a shade when we had to walk under the trees. When we walked out of the shade, the views and everything started coming back in color. It was so funny and weird. I kept laughing about how the views and everything became so colorful and BACK TO NORMAL and pretty after walking out of that shades!!! 

Being in nature stoned is a good idea? it depends. If you want to enjoy the view, then maybe nah. If you want to just walk around and maybe get lost with friends, it’s actually a fun thing to do. Some people say that they still see the scenery beautiful.. that’s funny. To me, the first half hour was hella dull and white/bright, you know what i mean..?

However, the trail was pretty straightforward. It’s not easy to get lost. The only time when I was unsure of where we were going is when the Alamere Falls (waterfall) was actually a lot farther than I thought. So i was unsure If we were walking towards the right way. I guess I was not patient enough? I honestly thought the waterfall was going to be closer. There was not a single cell phone services either. We don’t even get service unless we drive all the way back out of the trailhead. We were disconnected from our phones the whole time so this was absolutely a getaway.

It was confusing at first but it’s not..we got to a trail that is covered with shade from the trees above it. that’s when I thought we were hella closed to the beach.. but there was still a long walk.  Continued hiking and eventually reached a trail surrounded with trees that it looks as if we are walking through a tunnel.

Eventually we came across a sign that says Alamere Falls Trail.  And that trail was like a jungle like narrow trail full of poison oak. It was funny though. I don’t know why I was being impatient maybe because I didn’t expect to be walking so much. Almost three hours later, I would finally hear some falls and you see the ocean. We had to to climb down a short, and very steep climb on rocks to reach the bottom to get down to the beach. It was such a mess going down because of sands. There was sands in my eyes but I guess it’s adventurous. 

When we got down to the ocean beach, I was starving. Funny we didn’t really know we were gonna be so damn hungry. (maybe also because of smoking?) But i was starving on the way back. Next time, I know that we will have to bring food. 5 hours of walking there…. I definitely should have brought some food with!

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That sports bra tan line’s almost gone:)