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I seek satisfaction where I am, rather than where I wish I was heading. Luckily I'm capable of enjoying the moments of the end of my reach, the beginning of the next road, and write, even with the unrealized wonders of the future in front of me. I absolutely love blogging. An openhearted leo personality. This is the spot where I secretly share and express my ongoing thoughts and feelings in words with you....

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Best song on the album. Tell me why I can listen to this one song all dayyyyy

i swear #Testimony has been on repeat since the album dropped. <33

i swear has been on repeat since the album dropped. <33

First time here. #LACMA ;D 😜 (at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA))

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August Alsina,
Testimony (Deluxe Version)


August Alsina//You Deserve

@AugustAlsina. <3


August Alsina Give His “Testimony” On Current Relationship With His Mother & Trey Songz

My bad for keep showing off random pics  LOL!!!! BUT it was so fun and relaxing at this event!!!! My friend brought me to this wine & canvas painting event at a restaurant in Anaheim down town disney. We had an artist that taught everyone how to paint. I really wasn’t expecting to do this but it turned out really fun while concentrating on the painting. I didn’t even feel that it was almost three hours spent there. I could never feel that i’m done with my painting, there’s always parts I see that I wanna repaint or paint further on that canvas. Ha. If I ever have a chance to go out to this type of event, i’ll be so down to go again. :D

My safari sunset masterpiece tho! Lol. First time painting in years!!! now that i’m hooked after being taught how to paint again!! HAHA! Thanks for bringing me with chuuu <3 @asyoulifeit #feelingArtsy (at Downtown Disney District)

Aye! The Canvas turned out so good!! 💖 Wasn’t planning to come to tonights’s Take Back The Night because of conflicting schedule, but still came by to help with Her Campus right after I got some free time!! 😁 Ahah. Everyone just came &wrote/painted whatever “consent” means to them or a way they can ask for a consent! <3 🎨 #hercampusuci #uci #可以😜 (at Langson Library (LLIB))

idk but you too kuttte :3.

Sage The Gemini - Stupid (Feat. E-40) ( Remember Me 2014 )

this is literally the anthem right here lol!! i need to download this

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Sage The Gemini,
Gas Pedal


Killin It

We cuuttteeeeee.

Some goood first time boothing w/ #HerCampus & #KUCI at #Wayzgoose festival today! 😜 and hung around w/ more than one hundred clubs/orgs. Hehe who doesn’t like free things and cheap stuff !? #celebrate #uci

WWOW WHEN Common was walking to his van in front of us outside of the Brens, my phone had to DIE AND TURN OFF on me!? THEFUCK. Waited for almost an hour for that selfie w/ Common..-___- I was so bummed. So many people took a selfie with him. Haha. And so lucky one of the friends I was with got his autograph in person! So awesome!! I’m so jelly…. I just got to see his beautiful eyes in person though… it was so close haha! Thank you @COMMON for dropping by UCI and sharing your Common Conversations, New Narratives on identities & culture with us!!

Ps it was really legit to hear Common freestyle rapping UCI in the end. #newsnarratives #hiphop