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I seek satisfaction where I am, rather than where I wish I was heading. Luckily I'm capable of enjoying the moments of the end of my reach, the beginning of the next road, and write, even with the unrealized wonders of the future in front of me. I absolutely love blogging. An openhearted leo personality. This is the spot where I secretly share and express my ongoing thoughts and feelings in words with you....

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Aye! The Canvas turned out so good!! 💖 Wasn’t planning to come to tonights’s Take Back The Night because of conflicting schedule, but still came by to help with Her Campus right after I got some free time!! 😁 Ahah. Everyone just came &wrote/painted whatever “consent” means to them or a way they can ask for a consent! <3 🎨 #hercampusuci #uci #可以😜 (at Langson Library (LLIB))

Essays done. The article draft done. Photos still needed. I am so excited to submit the article by tomorrow night.
Can’t believe it’s three am already. I better wake up early at 8 tomorrow to work on a few things!! #excited
Im also thinking where I can take photos for campus style blog. Haha. It’s fun to just simply think about it. Someone will need to take a photo for me though.

idk but you too kuttte :3.

Sage The Gemini - Stupid (Feat. E-40) ( Remember Me 2014 )

this is literally the anthem right here lol!! i need to download this

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Sage The Gemini,
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We cuuttteeeeee.

Some goood first time boothing w/ #HerCampus & #KUCI at #Wayzgoose festival today! 😜 and hung around w/ more than one hundred clubs/orgs. Hehe who doesn’t like free things and cheap stuff !? #celebrate #uci

WWOW WHEN Common was walking to his van in front of us outside of the Brens, my phone had to DIE AND TURN OFF on me!? THEFUCK. Waited for almost an hour for that selfie w/ Common..-___- I was so bummed. So many people took a selfie with him. Haha. And so lucky one of the friends I was with got his autograph in person! So awesome!! I’m so jelly…. I just got to see his beautiful eyes in person though… it was so close haha! Thank you @COMMON for dropping by UCI and sharing your Common Conversations, New Narratives on identities & culture with us!!

Ps it was really legit to hear Common freestyle rapping UCI in the end. #newsnarratives #hiphop

It was such a fun time at the park, surrounded by a bunch of nice people today! I smiled so much and so hard that my face hurts. I simply love being outdoor and engage in all the fun, playful activities that make me smile! It was hot, sunny, a little windy and we were moving a lot and running around. 

No doubt that being out in a natural setting, refreshes me and makes me feel happier and less stressed. i love that the atmosphere is extremely relaxing and healthy. It simply makes me feel so good. 

i just love and enjoy the outdoors, especially it’s in spring when the weather is so nice and peaceful. <3

Went first time and ended up having a box of pastries from 85 度c. 🍞🍞🍞Can’t help it and want to try everything..Their stuff is so so good and so soft so crunchy!!😱Why didn’t I come here every time I pass by this place until now #85degreebakery #cafe #nombuns #irvine (at 85°C Bakery Cafe)

You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.
Brian Tracy (via celineaguiii)
The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.
Brian Tracy (via life-itself-is-a-quotation)
If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development.
Brian Tracy (via ekkehard)

Lately i’ve been kind of self conscious about myself… i don’t know. I think i’m having serious low point at the moment while things just have not been going right either.

Also, I feel like i’m starting to deal with most likely low self esteem and perfectionism. They tend to get in my way as I try to rise out of the abyss and into the light

Catching up with friends over the spring break and I learned how they seem to be so successful. Everyone seems so successful except for me kind of feeling. It makes me want to cry how things just don’t go as planned for me. It also hurts to realize what i can’t do. 

There was time when I knew what I should do, but then I feared that I’d do something to mess it up. 

I’ve been initiating to do what i need to do and getting everything together. I think i tried my best. But every time, things always happen after and go wrong. What can I do about bad lucks? I feel that i’m not lucky when it comes to luck. i think i’m losing some confident in myself and I can’t put myself out there because of no luck.

Whatever i’m doing i’m still working on it.. i’m for sure not willing to give up so easily. What I can do is control my reactions to what is happening. Reflect everything then keep on being initiative. There is always choices to make every day. I’m just finding the ways to get through and make plans to get to a better place and  get through this low points of my life right now